Welcome to True Beauty Boudoir! I am Scott and my bride for the last 33 years is Becca. Together, we are the creative artists behind the cameras. (Yep, we both shoot together) Although TB Boudoir is a relatively new business, we have been professionally photographing weddings for the last 10 years. You can see some of our Award Winning B0005BritniColephotography on our wedding site here.  It has been our brides that have encouraged and prompted us to officially become boudoir photographers with an actual website.So after some time we finally made it official and True Beauty Boudoir is up and running.

We have done these sessions in the past and find them to be a blast. It truly mirrors our wedding photography with us wanting to create gorgeous images of beautiful women who look amazing. Our years of experience with brides has given us a unique ability to help women relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera so you get portraits that you will be in love with.

Our sessions are designed first and foremost to make you feel safe in a comfortable environment. That way, with our guidance and direction throughout the session, we can create classy, artistic and tastefully sexy images of you. Our goal is to capture the beauty that radiates from the confident woman you can be.

Finally, we want you to have FUN! We love what we do and we have a blast doing it and that is our goal with you. Life is to short not to have fun along the way.